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Medical Certificates for Minor Illnesses

Get a medical certificate when you need it the most.

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How It Works

The process of getting an online medical certificate for a minor illness is simple:

Sickness medical certificate - Getsickcert

There will be a minor illness form containing some medical questions to fill out, it shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

Verifiy medical certificate online - Getsickcert

Once submitted, it will be reviewed by an Irish registered doctor, who will contact you if they need any additional information.

online medical certificate - Getsickcert

Once their assessment is complete, you will be sent a sick certificate for your minor illness via email or post.

It’s as easy as that.

We’re Happy To Answer All Your Medical
Certificate Questions

This service is suitable for you, ONLY if:

  • You require a sick cert for work or studies.
  • You are 18 years of age or over.
  • Your illness is NOT a medical emergency nor requires urgent or in person care by a GP or medical professional.
  • Require a sick certificate for a minor illness from one day to a maximum of five days.
  • Have a minor illness which you may have before such as COVID, Cough, Sore Throat, Common Cold or Flu.
  • Your minor illness is a current illness (we are unable to back date sick certificates).
  • You are not looking for a sick cert to be used for another adult or for a child (less than 18 years of age)  in your care. 
  • You are NOT pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You have never been diagnosed with any serious chronic (long-lasting) medical condition in the past by a doctor.

This service is NOT suitable for you if:

  • You require a sick cert for Department of Social Protection(If you need a medical certificate for this purpose you should visit your local GP in person)
  • You are under the age of 18 years old or you are looking to use this service for a sick cert for another adult that is not you.
  • Your illness is a medical emergency or requires urgent or in person care by a GP or medical professional.
  • You are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You had a prior sick cert in the past 7 days.
  • You are requesting a back-dated sick cert (we are unable back date sick certificates).
  • You have been diagnosed with certain diseases that affect your blood vessels.
  • You have been diagnosed with heart, neurological, liver or kidney disease.

We strive to help every user but there are some conditions that are outside the scope of this service, for which we CANNOT issue a sick cert:

  • Broken or suspected broken bones
  • Any trauma, accident or injury of any kind
  • Severe or serious  symptoms of any kind (breathing issues, chest pain, headache, abdominal pain, confusion or bleeding)
  • Eye infections or injuries
  • Conditions that require in-person examination such as testicular or breast lumps
  • Where a test is required such as Blood Tests, ECG,XRAY, CT or MRI scans
  • Medications requests or side effects
  • Pregnancy-related issues
  • Mental health conditions

Once you’ve completed and sent in your form, you should receive your certificate within the next one day pending approval. It may take a little longer if your doctor needs to contact you again for more information.

We have a team of Irish certified medical professionals who assess our users’ forms. All information given is strictly confidential and cannot be shared with anyone else.

All certificates issued follow the requirements of the Irish State which necessitate a sick cert providing evidence that an employee is entitled to sick leave from work when off for more than two days in a row.

We are located in the Republic of Ireland and operate from there.

Prices for the delivery of certificates can be found on the form page

  • This sick certificate only proves that you were unfit to work due to medical reasons. 
  • Other types of leave, such as extended sick leave, parental leave, and compassionate leave are not be covered by our certificates.
  • We can only issue you with a private sick certificate, we cannot provide a social welfare sick certificate (MC1 or MC2 forms). 
  • We are also unable to offer Fitness to Work Certificates and we recommend you visit your regular GP if this is required.
  • Please note that we will only issue medical certificates for a CURRENT minor illness. 
  • Requests for previous dates (i.e. for an illness no longer ongoing) will be rejected. We are unable to backdate a medical certificate.
  • The service is not designed for any medical emergencies. 
  • For urgent care needs, the best course of action is to visit your nearest GP or Emergency Department or dial 999/ 112.