The last thing you want to worry about when you’re feeling unwell is the hassle of obtaining a medical prescription. That is why we have telemedicine platforms like GetSickCert, where you can apply for medicine scripts by just filling out a simple and quick online medical questionnaire without ever setting foot in a clinic. With doctors available 24*7*365 days, including evenings and weekends, getting a medical script via email is possible in major urgent cases. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the seamless steps to obtain your online medical prescription on time, ensuring a hassle-free healthcare experience.

  • Complete the questionnaire.

Once you click on the online prescription service, a comprehensive questionnaire pops up that is designed to gather relevant information about your symptoms, medical history, and any other pertinent details. Fill out our prescription forms with confidence, knowing your medical information is completely private and secure within our system, and then simply wait for our healthcare professionals to review your request.

  • Process the payment.

The next step for applying for a new online prescription or repeating the previous one is to pay a minimal fee of €19.99 and get your medical form reviewed by doctors in Ireland. GetSickCert’s payment gateway uses best-in-class security practices to secure your payment information. Users can rest assured that there are no hidden fees or additional charges lurking in the background.

  • Medical Review.

Our team of Irish-registered doctors, after carefully reviewing and understanding your condition, will assess your suitability for issuing an online medical prescription. If you are eligible, your prescription will be promptly sent to the pharmacy you have selected in the process. However, if any further medical information is required, you will be contacted directly by our team. At the end, if your prescription request is not approved, we guarantee a full refund.

Reasons to apply for GetSickCert’s online medical prescription

online medical prescription

Applying for prescriptions online is now one of the simplest ways to access treatments and healthcare. There are many benefits to issuing prescriptions online, but the increased level of convenience alone provides patients with quicker access to their required medication than ever before.

  • Fast and convenient

Our online medical prescriptions provide a rapid solution to your healthcare needs. No more waiting in queues or scheduling appointments weeks in advance. With just a few steps, you can have the necessary medications without undue delays. Contact us anytime of the day, even on weekends and evenings, to receive expert medical opinions for any health issues from our Irish-registered doctors.

  • Secure Electronic Prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions are encrypted and secure, mitigating the risks associated with physical prescriptions. The digital format not only reduces the chances of loss or tampering but also provides a convenient and safe way to access your prescription whenever needed.

  • Get reimbursed (claim back) any of your Medical Expenses

One of the most significant reasons to choose GetSickCert’s online medical services is that you can now claim back (get reimbursed) via Revenue Online or any Health Insurance Scheme thanks to our automatically issued receipts. This ensures all our customers not only have access to their medical expenses, but they can also reduce the financial burden of their medical bills by claiming back their medical expenses or taxes, which ultimately leads to better health outcomes.

How easy is it to get an online prescription for a minor illness?

No matter what illness ails you, GetSickCert has the most convenient and reliable way to get the medicine and care you need without the annoyance of a lengthy, in-person visit. Avail our affordable online doctor’s prescription service today and get the medicine you need minus the fuss.